Illinois Litigants Dealing with Foreclosure….

Seems many Illinoisans don’t know who to turn to.

This is my “short list” of Northern Illinois Attorneys who I find trustworthy, skilled & effective.

Elijah Meshiah 773.635.6438 Chicago
Lou Brydges  847.680.6250 Libertyville
Mara Baltabols 630.575.8181 Oak Brook
Paul Prybylo  708.383.4175 Oak Park
Richard Hirsh 630.796.0088 Lisle

Please be prepared with a clear and concise statement of your issues (with your files ready at your fingertips).

Do not call them and beg and play the victim – everyone is in a similar boat.
Be organized and professional if you want to gain their interest in helping you.
Their time is valuable too.
There is no guarantee of victory – only a damn good fight.

Tell them greg da’ goose from the internet radio show referred you.

Good luck!

Thank you all for your past listenership and support… We look forward to your comments…
Till next time… keep learning, stay enthusiastic and positive and best of luck to each of you in your personal journey!

Greg ‘da Goose & The Team at The Gallant Goose & Friends

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