Justice4Every1 NFP has launched a fundraiser and community awareness project!

Justice4Every1 has been fighting for legal underdogs for 5+ years providing free services to those in need.


Justice4Every1 is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit based in Chicago helping indigent and financially strapped citizens fighting for Justice in the Illinois and US Court System at large!

Justice4Every1 operates on shoestring budget partnering with volunteers and other Not-For-Profits to keep all operating costs low. To date, the Executive Staff and volunteers have not been paid for their efforts. To date, 100% of all donations have gone directly to funding the work performed on behalf of those in need.

Justice4Every1 focuses primarily on cases relating to:

  • judicial theft of family estates in probate court
  • wrongful foreclosures in chancery
  • judicial theft of children in family court
  • wrongful internment of senior citizens making them wards of the state without cause
  • wrongful incompetency judgments against citizens without cause
  • judicial / political bribery
  • thug actions by court and police officers under color of law
  • other business related issues like copyrights, patents, trademarks, and contract review also available for a reasonable fee outside of the scope of the NFP.

Justice4Every1 stands free of the limitations of the existing “good ole’ boy” system of injustice, cronyism, fraud and theft of peoples’ lives, family, property and money.

Based upon years of past experience in the legal profession, Justice4Every1 provides sound help and direction to persons disappointed with “status quo” attorneys and courts, and who are ready to act on their own behalf (pro se) to achieve justice.

Are you a licensed paralegal looking for additional work or to do some pro bono community service?
Contact the Executive Director at 773.255.7608 or JoAnne@justice4every1.com

Are you a concerned citizen with a few tax deductible bucks to share in helping others in your community fight against injustice? Then, log onto… www.patreon.com/joannedenison/overview – and please make a small monthly pledge. The little you do now to help – multiplied by the many – will make your world a safer and more just place to live, especially when the time comes that you are faced with an unexpected lawsuit or court action.

Thank you in advance for your love and help with this most important project!

With great gratitude!

JoAnne Dennison, JD
Executive Director
Official Name: Justice4 Every1 Nfp
IRS EIN: 46-4443981  A public charity – Donations 50% Tax Deductible

IRS validation of registration and authority:

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