Treason’s Just Another Word for Nothin’ Left to Lose….

Freedom’s Treason’s Just Another Word for Nothin’ Left to Lose…
(Me and Bobby McGee – Jerry Jeff Walker/Janis Joplin)

Politicians go all out from both sides of the isle to wreck what’s left of the Constitution and American Jurisprudence…

Issue 1:

All treaties must be signed by the President and ratified by the Senate. Any previous Treaty deemed not to be in the interest of the USA may be summarily voided by the President with notice to the other parties.

So in violation of the US Constitution: Obama praises ‘new faces of American leadership’ at [the unauthorized] climate summit in Chicago

Former President Barack Obama stopped by his hometown on Tuesday to praise dozens of mayors from around the world who convened to sign the “Chicago Charter,” a local-level climate change pledge aimed at replacing regulations rescinded by the Trump administration.

“We’re in an unusual time, where the United States is now the only nation on Earth that does not belong to the Paris Agreement,” Obama said of his administration’s landmark pact, which President Donald Trump pulled out of soon after taking office.

“And that’s a difficult position to defend. . . . Sheltering future generations from the ravages of climate change should be something of an obsession for us.”

Obama spoke to a packed ballroom at the downtown Sheraton Grand hotel to close out the second day of the North American Climate Summit hosted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who earlier in the day issued a “clarion call” for leaders from cities across the globe to tackle global warming.

Emanuel, who was Obama’s first chief of staff, was among mayors from 51 cities across 10 nations — and representing more than 60 million residents — who signed the charter, pledging to follow through on actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Without mentioning Trump by name, Obama pressed on the importance of “keeping our word on the world stage.”

“And cities, states, businesses, universities and nonprofits have emerged as the new faces of American leadership on climate change.”

COMMENT : No matter what your position on climate change, this is a treasonous attempt by a former President with no remaining elected powers, and his minions, to usurp the Constitutional powers of the President and Senate, act in direct violation of the Constitution, and convince the American people that media driven popular opinion overrides the Constitution (can you say Heil Hitler – eh, Obama, eh, Emanuel?).


Issue 2:

The US House of Representatives is moving ahead with a very controversial and dangerous change to American Jurisprudence which may harm mothers-to-be across America. The House Bill in question includes the following legal language:

“Nothing shall prevent an unborn child from being treated as a designated beneficiary or an individual under this section,” the legislation reads. “For purposes of this paragraph…the term ‘unborn child’ means a child in utero. … The term ‘child in utero’ means a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.”

It’s completely unnecessary as a matter of tax policy. People can already open 529 (college) plans, the savings accounts in question, under their own names to save for college before their child’s birth. All they need to do is switch the account beneficiary to their child once she’s born. The only way fetuses could suffer under the current 529 regulations would be if they matriculated at a university before exiting the womb, thereby requiring their college funds earlier than most.

There are three possible reasons why Republicans would try to legally rename a fertilized egg or fetus in the middle of a tax bill. One is to troll pro-choice advocates and legislators, who will now be forced to argue against this silly provision along with all the more substantive offenses that lie within the bill. The GOP might also hope for a fetal domino effect: To have a 529 account, you need to have a Social Security number. Babies usually get their Social Security numbers along with their birth certificates. Giving fetuses access to tax benefits could trigger an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie situation that ends with microscopic clumps of human cells getting birth certificates, marriage licenses, and political appointments.

According to Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs, the Republican tax reform bill on Capitol Hill has a provision that critics say could set women’s rights back decades. He and Illinois abortion rights advocates say a section of the House version of the bill would allow a fetus to be assigned a Social Security number for the purpose of setting up a college savings account even before birth.

Frerichs contends that the provision is an attempt to establish a legal precedent that could be used to overturn Roe v. Wade.

He’s calling on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) to use his influence with Congressional Republicans to get that provision out of the final bill.

COMMENT : Imagine the potential criminal charges to every expectant mother who does not obey her doctor, eat her broccoli, get sanctioned pre-natal care, falls down the icy steps of her porch and injures her fetus… WERE TALKING CHILD NEGLIGENCE OR MANSLAUGHTER HERE!

Since the beginning of recorded political history, the status of an individual human being in-utero never rose to that of citizen unless they were “borne live”. Even the Roman Catholic Church, whilst steadfastly standing against abortion, does not even grant official baptisms unless that fundamental prerequisite is attained (although some unofficial ceremonial services have been performed on miscarriages as a way to bring peace to the mother suffering such loss). Being granted a Social Security Number to a fetus whose parents are both US Citizens in the USA is tantamount to pre-recognition of a claim of citizenship rights. What’s next, citizenship for wild sperms and eggs? Maybe Cows and Ducks?

Hey – on the other hand if the baby dies in-utero or premature or by (legal) abortion, then there may be an automatic mandatory $250 Social Security death benefit to the parents…

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